Highest Paid Jobs In The Medical Field In India

Highest Paid Jobs in the Medical Field in India: The medical industry is one of the topmost highest-paying fields. The person who enters in this field earns a huge amount of money. It is a high esteemed profession with a lot of monetary benefits. If you are the one looking for highest paid jobs in the medical field in India then here are a few suggestions:

Highest Paid Doctor Jobs in India:

Find below the list of Highest Paid Doctor Jobs in India. Candidates can choose a career according to the below list. Here we mention the earn of Doctors:


A physician earns Rs. 900000 in a year. The job of a Physician is to diagnose the patient via symptoms and refer medicines accordingly. Physicians also provide treatment to the illness depending on the disease. When a person gets sick, he/she prefers to visit a physician and after seeking consultation, move further for the treatment. The need for the Physician is essential in everyone’s life. It gives employment and a high salary too.


A Pediatrician is a specialized person who treats children. The annual salary of a pediatrician is approximately Rs. 3500000 depending on the level of seniority. Pediatricians give special care to children in case of need. They make a vaccination card for the child and give injections accordingly. It is a well-reputed job with high earnings.

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A job of a surgeon makes you earn around Rs 1,166,240 in a year. A surgeon is the one who performs operations on the patient’s body. A person can take up a specialization as well. Since surgeries are an indispensable part of some of the treatments and therefore, a surgeon is high in demand. The surgeons earn a high amount on the monthly basis and sometimes per surgery as well. It is crucial to conduct a surgery when it is to replace the worn-out body part or remove the block. In the case of certain ailments, surgeries play an important part.


In the category of highest paid jobs in the medical field in India includes Anesthesiologists. The average annual salary of an Anesthesiologist is Rs 1,184,864. A professional in this job has to induce anesthesia during surgery. In fact, he/she plays an integral role before surgery. An aesthetician has to induce a chemical into the patient’s body to bring into a state of unconsciousness. This patient’s body becomes numb from pain. Anesthesia is like a boon to humanity as it releases one from the pain during the operation. A person can go for an operation without fear of pain.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon:

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon job also the highest job in the medical field. It makes a person earn Rs.10, 00, 000 in one year. An oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon is a doctor who earns surgeries on the face, mouth and jaws. These doctors are also dentists with additional qualifications and experience. As all dentists cannot become surgeons, it needs high expertise and a dentist requires a maxillofacial surgeon in certain cases. With the advancement in the medical field, there is hardly any need to stay in pain and there comes the need for oral and maxillofacial surgeons.


An oncologist earns around Rs. 4, 80,000 every year. An Oncologist is a person who treats cancer patients. Some of the oncologists have specialization in specific cancers on the basis of their qualifications. Cancer is a common disease as tumors and blocks. While other ailments can be treated by general doctors but treatment for cancer is possible via specialists. The niche of this profession can make a person earn a very high salary.

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A Gynecologist earns around Rs. 5, 50,000 annually. The job of the gynecologist includes obstetrics and all care in the stomach as well as anal parts of the body. A woman can contact Gynecologist in case of problems in the private parts. In gynecology, the main treatment is given to the pregnant woman, from guiding in trimesters until the baby delivers. When a woman undergoes motherhood, she requires attention and guidance regarding the body’s reactions. Sometimes, even men feel the need of gynecologists during stomach or other ailments. Thus, gynecology is a demanding and highest-paid job in India.


An orthodontist is a dentist deals with the teeth alignment and rectifying the smiles. The salary of the orthodontist is approximately Rs. 5, 50,000 in a year. Various celebrities and high-profile personalities in India and outside India went to these specialists for perfect smiles. An orthodontist design and prescribe the braces cleanse teeth etc. The job of the Orthodontist is to give perfect jaws, align the teeth and give a proper smile.

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