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Name the Country which has become world leader in International patent fillings at WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Name the small finance bank which launched digital banking platform named ‘DigiGen’

How many people working in informal sector in India have risk of falling into poverty as per International Labour Organization (ILO) report?

With which company National Health Authority (NHA) has partnered to provide transport services to frontline health workers?

Name the 1st state in India which integrates Ayurveda and Allopathy to boost immunity of covid-19 patients.

Name the country which host the 3rd edition of Asian youth games in 2021.

As per study of which world organisation, only 1/4th of Indians pay for news, but 2/3rd willing to pay?

Sumit Antil won gold medal in______

The 1st ever G20 Ministerial Conference on Women’s Empowerment was held at

Name the company which has won the Edison Award 2020 for its campaign named ‘Club Enerji #Switchoff2SwitchOn’.

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