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How to Create Resume Online: Online resume is a part of business these days. Recruiters prefer seeking resumes online rather than collecting it as hard copies. An online resume gives visibility to you qualifications, experience and your abilities. Creating a resume online is a common practice these days, however, the question is how to create a resume online.

An Online Resume:

 An online resume is a brief summary of your job history, contact information, education and job required skills. It is not a hard copy rather an online design with the facility to search and function. It consists of education and training, online resumes also have hyperlinks that paper resume lacks. These hyperlinks help with portfolio samples as well as multimedia clips.

Host the Online Resume:

There are several options available for hosting the online resume and these are as follows:

  • Use social networking sites for business professionals
  • A proprietary job portal belonging to the company is also a good option.
  • Host the online resume on your website or on the particular resume hosting websites which are independent of online job boards.

How to Create Resume Online?

Most online resumes begin with the already existing resume, use the following steps to create a resume online:

  1. Check the examples of resumes:
    • You may make search for the resumes online. If you do not find an effective resume online you may do the following:
    • Format: Format the items such as font size, font type, colors, amount of white space, etc.
    • Provide Template Concept: If you are planning to use the resume hosting site, you may get access to a huge variety of templates to highlight the skills and experience.
    • Links to Resume Hosting Sites: After gaining the access to various resumes in your network or by searching job skill keywords, determine the different hosting sites which help you further to decide where to host the resume.
  1. Peruse job descriptions using keywords: It’s better to use the keywords related to your job profile. BY using the keywords, it would be easy to find the list of resumes in front of your eyes. Visit the list of resumes and make content with ease.
  2. Get familiarity with on-page SEO: Keywords are most important but that is not only the SEO consideration, you may require optimizing your resume. On-page SEO is a group of processes you may perform on the website to enhance the SEO. SEO uses strategic keywords, which are smooth and simple.
  3. Focus on Individual’s Attention: It is crucial to focus on an individual’s attention. The employers make out about the person through the first look of the resume. It is the area called ‘above the fold’ that contains a name in bold letters and sometimes a personal logo or headshot. Thus curate the ‘above the fold section of the resume and keep narrow margins. Also ensure that contact information is precise for important skills and information.
  4. Go through the resume content: Lastly, go through your resume once and check what needs to be changed or updated. Check everything educational information, skills, etc.
  5. Ask for the resume’s Review: Once you have checked your resume now tell someone to review the resume. The feedback from others will help you to a great extent. You may make the changes accordingly.
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In the Nutshell:

An online resume is an essential tool for your job search. With the online resume, you can open job opportunities for your via recruiters. It is helpful in making an easy search.

Best Free Resume Builders:

Check below Best Free Online Resume Builders Website & Tools:

  1. Resume Genius
  2. Canva
  3. My Perfect Resume
  4. Standard Resume
  5. Indeed
  6. Zety

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