How to Get Good Score in GATE Entrance Exam

How to Get Good Score in GATE Entrance Exam: The Gate examination is conducted at the national level to select meritorious candidates for admission into Postgraduate programmes in various Engineering disciplines across the country. The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering tests the subject grasp and the aptitude strength in a candidate. Earlier, this examination was conducted offline, recently the pattern has changed. The online test will have MCQ and numerical questions which require the candidate to work out and answer it for one and two marks.

Practice papers for GATE Entrance Exam:

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To get a good score in the examination, one has to practice many test papers and increase their speed of answering the questions. The numerical problem-solving section may be time-consuming and hence requires practice on the part of the candidate to ace it. The MCQ questions are answered faster only upon practice. Solving many of the previous papers and taking up mock tests online will help a great deal in improving the alertness and speed in a candidate.

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Aim higher, Plan Better:

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Understanding the sections and type of questions asked in the examination help plan the study schedule efficiently. The marks allotted to each question is not the same. A total of 65 questions are awarded 100 marks, out of which 55 questions are awarded 85 marks and the remaining 10 questions are awarded 15 marks. The pattern of the paper covers 13% of the questions from Mathematics,  15% of the General Aptitude, and 72% of the core subjects. With this information, a candidate can plan the study schedule smartly.

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Few Useful Tips That Help Score Better in GATE:

Focusing on mathematics and laying strong foundations in aptitude tests is a good way to secure about 30% of the marks. One can practice online aptitude tests every day, besides studying and practicing the planned subjects in their study schedule.

It is important to cover all the subjects, one cannot expect to lose marks by skipping any tough subject. A person with an aim to get a good Gate score must start by tackling the tough subjects by listening to online lectures delivered by experts in the field, participate in doubt clearing sessions and spare more time for study. It is good to schedule the tough subjects in conjunction with easier ones.

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For the Gate 2017, the official notification for application is expected during the month of August this year. Plan the study of subjects intelligently. This year, the personal calculator is barred from the examination hall. Hence, it is important that the candidate practices the use of a virtual calculator provided online to get accustomed to it. This calculator is available from the official Gate website which can be utilized in mock tests.

Lastly, it is important to finish the study of all the subjects, before two months from the actual date of examination. The last two months must be spared in mock tests with the use of the Gate-provided virtual calculator. This kind of preparation increases the confidence level in a candidate and makes him/her sure of obtaining a good score in Gate.

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