Is Sainik School a Boarding School, Admission Process, 6 & 9 Fees

Is Sainik School a Boarding School: Yes, Sainik School is a boarding school only for Boys & Girls. It provides public school education to the children of Military families i.e. whose parents work in the Military. Sainik schools are CBSE affiliated and supported by state and central funding.

The aim of these most sought for schools is to make boys mentally, physically and academically strong to enter in the National Defence Academy. It mainly offers education to the children of rural masses and develops noble qualities in them eventually to become capable of working in National Defence Academy.

What is the Admission Process for Sainik School?

If you are the one looking forward to acquiring admission to the Sainik School then you need to check the following guidelines:

Entrance Exam test for VI and IX:

Candidate has to appear in the entrance test and clear it and then admission is provided on the basis of merit. Find the complete details below:

  • Admission is provided to the interested candidates through entrance tests such as Mathematics, GK (Science & Social Studies), Language and Intelligence for Class VI
  • For admission in class IX, candidates need to prepare for subjects such as Maths, Intelligence, English, General Science and Social Studies, followed by an Interview and medical test.
  • The school provides admission to only boys in classes VI and IX on the basis of performance in the entrance test and merit.
  • Class XI admission is on the basis of the marks attained in the Class X board exam.
  • A good news is that Girl child is also eligible for admission in Class VI in all the branches of the Sainik schools (33 Sainik schools all over India)

Age Limit:

Age as on 31st March in the year admission is sought:

  • VI: 10-12 years (for girls and boys)
  • IX: 13-15 years (only boys)
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Sainik School Application Process:

To apply for admission, collect the prospectus as well as the application form from the respective school. You can also apply in online mode. Forms and prospectus can be acquired in October month.

Can Girl Take Admission in Sainik School?

Yes, girl child can also take admission in Sainik school. Previously, admission is provisioned to only boys but now admission is given to girls as well. A girl candidate can apply for Class VI only. The age to apply is 10-12 years as on 31st March, 2023.

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How Many Seats Are There in Sainik School for Girls?

Sainik schools follow reservation criteria for admission to the candidates. According to the same reservation criteria, only 10% of the total vacancies or 10 seats, whichever is more, are reserved for girls to seek admission in Class 6.

Is Sainik School Free for Students?

No, Sainik school is not free for students. In fact the fee is very nominal and affordable. After filling the application form, if you wanted to know the school fees of Sainik schools across the nation then the fee details are mentioned below:

Application Fees:

  • General category: Rs 550/-
  • SC/ST category: Rs 450/-
  • Defense Wards: Rs 450/-

Mode of Fee payment:

You can pay the fee for the entire year either Offline or in online mode. Online both

Class 6 Fees:

  • Annual Tuition Fees: Rs 49,000/-
  • Diet Charges: Rs 20,000/-
  • Uniform: Rs 1500/-
  • Caution Money: Rs 3000/-
  • Contingence Charges: Rs 1500/-
  • Pocket Money per annum: Rs 1500/-
  • Miscellaneous Charges: Rs 20,000/-

Class 9 Fees:

  • Annual Tuition Fees: Rs 49,000/-
  • Diet Charges: Rs 20,000/-
  • Uniform: Rs 1500/-
  • Caution Money: Rs 3000/-
  • Contingence Charges: Rs 1500/-
  • Pocket Money Annual: Rs 1500/-
  • Miscellaneous Charges: Rs 20,000/-
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What are the Benefits to Join Sainik School?

Military schools are associated with the word Sainik (Soldier). Students remain soldiers throughout their life. This implies the basic orientation towards courage, hard work, discipline, and consistency. These life values are instilled in children in school. Students get the following benefits to join Sainik School:

  • Leadership: In Sainik School, learn to live their own life and take charge of their lives. They become independent and get well-groomed as perfect leaders.
  • Discipline: In Military Schools, discipline is taught to students. They are kept far away from distractions such as mobile phone etc.
  • A Career of military officer: Students are trained to become future military officers. This career of choice gives socio-economic mobility and families with first and second-generation learners seek high mobility.
  • Excellent Academic Practices: In military schools, students always have excellent mentors and teachers to meet the academic standard. The academic standards are extremely high.
  • Military Schools Teamwork: Students in military schools have deep bonding. They have connections deep connections of feelings under tough conditions.
  • All Round Development: Military schools focus on academics and in sports, physical fitness and extra-curricular activities. These schools have high infrastructure and best-quality activities for the development of students.
  • Asset to Military: Education is provided to the students in the Military for the progress of the nation. Military Schools are powered to create able citizens who become national assets. They become pride of the nation, society and community.

Rashtriya Military School Different from Sainik School?

How is the Rashtriya Military School Different from Sainik School Check below:

  • RIMC and Sainik Schools are unparalleled. RIMC is one of its kind and came into being in 1922 whereas Sainik Schools (first five) became functional in 1961 and after that 28 Sainik schools were founded in a phased manner.
  • Sainik School are boarding school while RIMC schools are not. Sainik schools try to make students competent to crack the NDA exam after class 12 while RIMC is just like other private schools. RIMC have less discipline in comparison to Sainik Schools.
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Which is Better, Sainik School or a Military School?

If you want to know which is better, Sainik school or Military school then check the difference between the two below:

  • Military schools are managed by MT-15, Ministry of Defense while Sainik Schools are managed by All India Sainik School Society
  • Rashtriya Military Schools are highly established and consisted of various sports such as Boxing, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Football, Squash, Lawn tennis, etc.
  • Hostels at RIMC Dholpur are air-conditioned with an additional air conditioned in the preparational hall. At RIMC Dholpur, the entire school eats together in the Air conditioned and hygienic Mess.
  • Rashtriya Military Schools were founded in 1922.

Why are the Success Rates of Sainik and RIMC schools Higher Than Normal Schools in the NDA SSB?

The success rates of Sainik and RIMC schools are higher than in normal schools because of the below mentioned reasons:

  • Sainik schools and RIMC students are selected after difficult selection procedure and thus it is easy to crack NDA
  • At school, students are given the training to be better team players and trained to involve in NDA and SSB.
  • In Sainik and RIMC, students are taught to attain discipline and self-independence during their stay in boarding.
  • These schools help in attaining the personality required to participate in the defense.

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