Career Mistakes That A Job Seeker Should Avoid

Career Mistakes That A Job Seeker Should Avoid: A qualified person always wants to work and thus look for different opportunities. However, in simple terms one can say seeking a job is an art. Sometimes, when we lack in this art we lose various chances which lead to cause mistakes in our career. What exactly one should do and what are the 7 career mistakes that a job seeker should avoid described in this article.

7 Career Mistakes That A Job Seeker Should Avoid:

Here is the list of 7 career mistakes that a job seeker should avoid:

#1: You are Clueless of What you want

While making a resume you should clearly mention in a cover letter your responsibilities, what kind of tasks you can do, what kind of environment you are looking for, and what will be your work schedule. It thus very important to clearly write everything you are looking for. Thus, recruiters will come to know whether to contact you or not

#2: Incomplete Application:

It is better to make a complete resume so that recruiters do need not to guess about you. Mention all the relevant details in your application because recruiters are always time-crunched and they prefer reading clearly written resumes. They come across hundreds of CVs every day but end up selecting the complete applications.

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#3: Instructions are Not Followed:

If a recruiter has mentioned a specific instruction then it is your responsibility to adhere to it. Suppose if it specifies that phone calls will not be entertained then ensure sending the resume via email. It will show your presence of mind and your willingness to work.

#4: Getting Generic:

These days’ job portals provide an option of applying quickly by clicking the ‘Apply’ button. This practice should be avoided in the quickest manner. It is better to use the preview option and edit to suit the position you are offered. Make sure that you customize the job application as many job searchers send the group emails and generic resumes to job providers. This leads to leaving your shabby impact on recruiters and shows desperation to work.

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#5: Make A Hurry:

It is essential to check your application because organizations hire on the basis of what is being served. So, cut down the rush attitude and check your application twice, details on the job board, resume and cover letter before you send it. Applications and cover letters are usually filled with typos, and unformatted resumes will leave a negative impression.

#6: Avoid being an Attention-Seeker:

In an effort to grab the recruiter’s attention, applicants use gaudy formattings such as fancy footers, flamboyant language, or personal pleas. Recruiters come across a huge number of resumes every day and in a few seconds they can make out your intentions. So, ensure using smart formatting and correct usage of words.

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#7: Fail to take Follow-Up:

It is crucial to take follow up. For instance, if you do not get any reply from the recruiter within a week or fortnight, then follow up on your application. Follow-up doesn’t mean that call or e-mailing every day, but it is being polite and showing your interest. You may ask in simple language about the application status.

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